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Tina Marie Dale, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, Soul Recoverist, Reiki Master Instructor

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Tina’s Spiritual gifts began to awaken over 25 years ago and in 2007, her long, non-fulfilling career as a Systems Analyst consultant ended and she began to live her passion to assist humanity.  This was the beginning of her own transformational journey to re-discover herself.  She has moved from the old paradigm of Self-Discovery and Exploration, and into Self-Mastery and Completion, choosing Spiritual Mastery and her responsibility for creating and co-creating reality.

Aside from Tina's technology career, she has a BA in Spiritual Healing, and is a Soul Recoverist & Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide and Reiki Master Instructor. She specializes in Shamanic Soul Recovery,  Sound, Vibration Healing and  Divine Energy Healing.

Tina has trained under Tibetan and Native American Shamans, and holds certifications in various healing modalities that she intuitively integrates into her sessions for deep emotional and soul healing. The process she uses will assist individuals in their souls evolution by opening their heart to release the past through forgiveness, love and compassion.

Her own journey to open her heart began by allowing herself to experience being love and to have the knowingness and higher understanding of love, by first forgiving and loving herself.  As she felt the emotional patterns surface, she went into the center of these emotions as the observer and the witness of herself.  As she released and healed to its root, the emotions dissolved and she moved into a place of complete surrender, inner peace and love for herself and the experience.  She transformed into a higher, deeper love, an unconditional love from above for herself and all that is.

Tina welcomes clients from all over the world who are dedicated to walking the path to open their heart and seek the wisdom within. She also enjoys being a guide for the awakened generation.

Testimonies from Tina's Clients

Hear what others have to say...

Amy M. from TX: While visiting Sedona on vacation I was given Tina’s contact information. I had only received Energy work a handful of times before I came and saw her. I knew immediately I was in the right place when I met her! The healing energy surrounded her entire area and her session set the tone for the entire trip. I was able to let go of many low vibrations and past patterns and started allowing pure light and love to enter areas that were closed off for a very long time. My Heart Essence healing experience from Tina was intense and Magical, truly transformational! Tina is an incredible spirit and healer and I’m extremely grateful for the blessing of getting to know her.

Tyler L. from TX: My Heart Essence experience with Tina was transcendental, wonderful beyond what words can fully encompass. I have experienced many sessions, but in the setting of beautiful, energetic Sedona with the guidance and care of this modern-day Shaman, the depth of personal growth and healing was unprecedented. Tina’s love is genuine. Her Spirit is whole. Her capacity to create an inviting, safe, and warm environment for healing will take any willing soul at any level of their journey through a process of personal transformation that opens the door for limitless potential in the Self.

My experience did not end immediately following my session. Unbeknownst to me, I was in for a special revelation. While on a hike I encountered a rush of fear and anxiety while moving up the steep slopes along the cliff face. Years ago on a tranquil hike I witnessed a sudden and serious hiking injury as a companion, only feet away from me, was hit by a boulder and fell off a cliff. The incident and emotions associated with that traumatic event lingered, creating recurrent events of nearly paralyzing physical fear while out on rocky hikes. Many times I had tried to face my fears, but the grip was deeper than I felt I could reach on my own.

In the middle of the hike with Tina, a moment struck where my body would not allow me to climb any further. That’s when Tina told me about her work as a Soul Retrieval Recoverist. She sat me down on the only sitting area we could find, one barely large enough for 2 people, and moved higher energy through me to recover the pieces that had broken away from my soul after the past traumatic event. I collected myself as a wave of peace and calm swept over me, a sense of reunion and wholeness once again filled my center thus replacing fear with compassion. I rose to my feet, and with the encouragement of all my friends, completed the hike to the top, without any hesitation. In a moment I won’t soon forget, Tina changed my life in a profound way. This experience I would encourage to share with anyone whether they think they are ready or not. So long as a sense of adventure sparks your soul, so too will it be enlivened with the prospect of finding your own latent potential for inner peace.

Cindy W. from Sedona: My first Sound Healing experience was with Tina, I did not believe in it at all. Once I went through her session I was then convinced of it. It really cleared and grounded me. I was going through some things and her sound session made the world of a difference. Tina puts her heart and soul into her healings and her meditations are wonderful! I highly recommend Tina for a more natural way of healing.

Kozue from Japan: Tina embraced me with lots of love when I extended my stay in Sedona. I first met Tina at the yoga center when I was in the process of healing myself and releasing. I remembered she caught my eyes with her powerful energy. When she talked to me and gave me a hug, my tears came up immediately, she touched my heart. I had sessions with Tina for healing emotions, she used sound vibration. The sound was very gentle and light, and touched my heart. I was very comfortable and surrounded by great energy from mother earth and I felt the strong powerful energy and I realized that Tina does great healing works. She also brought me to a Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony and supported me with lots of love as I continued to release and step into more of my power.

Just spending time with Tina, and having a conversation stimulated me very much, also it was great healing for me. Tina taught me a lot, and healed me with her unconditional love. I really enjoyed time her. Lots of gratitude and love.

Connie A. from NY: Tina, there are not enough words to express my gratitude for a wonderful transformation my soul went through in my Heart Essence session with you. People do meet for a reason and I am so blessed to have bumped into you! Being able to connect with my long lost brother is just priceless. Thanks for helping me come to a peaceful loving stage. Namaste, see you soon my Angel on Earth.

Deb C. from AZ: I have had several healing sessions with Tina in the past year and it has helped me tremendously. Her spirit is in tune with what my heart needs and she is able to help me with issues from the past that have been bothering me for years. Her healing and teaching carry over into my everyday life now and are helping me grow and live the best I can.

Linda M. from Antigua: Tina, I can't stop thinking about what happened to me while I was with you. My rebirthing ceremony was without a doubt the most powerful and transforming experience I've ever had. I'll love you forever for helping me come to terms and acceptance of what I discovered while in the birthing cave.

Param O. from Norway, Master of Norse Witchcraft, Healer and Spiritual Medium: My session with Tina was just amazing! For many years I have been providing Aura/Energy readings in Norway and it’s not often I meet people who are gifted in reading energy. Her session and energy reading was one of the best I have had in a long time. She also has an amazing Charisma! My Soul Journey at a vortex was fantastic and proved that she is an amazing healer! I recommend her to anyone.

Caroline B. from Sweitzerland: While in Sedona I received a Body and Soul Treatment by Tina Marie. From the beginning I really felt at home and she made me feel comfortable during our Shamanic Heart Essence session. I let my self go and totally fell into another world, a world full of Love! She cleansed every chakra and it lasted for a Long Long time. Even today I still feel better than the time before I had met her. She taught me how to live peacefully and deal with every situation in life. And all of this in only 2 hours! I got a gift, my own power animal that still helps me throughout life. I absolutely recommend her. You will definitely feel better.

Cody D. from CA: Tina is an amazing spiritual healer and teacher and I was drawn to her. The connection we had was so natural and so right. She did a cleansing and healing with her Tibetan bowl and the feeling I got from that was indescribable! Truly felt blessed and at ease. I also received a powerful Energy Masterempowerment! While she was doing so I felt her warm loving energy surround me and cocoon me in this bubble of white light. After she was all done my hands could not stop buzzing. Tina is really a wonderful and truly gifted individual who is full of kindness and blessfullness. Peace, Love & Light.