The Heart Essence

Where you come back to Wholeness of Being, within the Heart

Tina Marie Dale, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Guide, Soul Recoverist, Reiki Master Instructor

The Heart Essence


Classes offered by The Heart Essence: Home Study Reiki Master, Home Study Chakras,and Returning to your Heart Essence.


Returning to your Hearts Essence
Workshop $149.00

Material covered: Understanding your Truth, Forgiveness begins with yourself, Opening to your own Love, and Live life in Gratitude

Includes light breakfast, lunch, sound vibration and meditation

***Not included*** Transportation, Airfare, Hotel.

In this workshop we will practice awareness and find our way back into our hearts essence. As we move through the lessons of Understanding your Truth, Forgiveness begins with yourself, Opening to your own Love, and Live life in Gratitude, we will open our hearts and experience deep emotional healing. With open hearts we can begin to live with unconditional love and respect for ourselves and for others.

Self reflection, how you feel before the workshop.

Lesson 1: Understanding your Truth

At the deepest level you will begin to uncover the self-limiting beliefs you have accepted, and release any attachments you are holding on to by recognizing criticism and judgment of yourself.

Lesson 2: Forgiveness begins with yourself

You begin to heal your heart by forgiving yourself, forgiving those who have hurt you, and forgiving everyone you have hurt in your life so you can love yourself completely and unconditionally.

We will be looking at and releasing the emotions and attachments of fear, grief/sorrow, guilt and anger.

Lesson 3: Opening to your own Love

Now that you have surrendered to yourself and to Creator/God/Divine, you can accept yourself and others without judgment and live life in peace and love.

Lesson 4: Live life in Gratitude

As you continue allowing yourself to receive love, let’s now move into a deep state of Gratitude. Being grateful for where you are in this moment of time and for the gift of life you have been given.

Self reflection on how you feel after the workshop.